Data Products

There are several levels of data products. The BOSS pipeline reduced and calibrated spectra are included in SDSS-III DR12, and will be available from the SDSS-III database. Similarly, public CFHT data can be downloaded via CADC (see Pat Hall’s SDSS-RM Clearinghouse for details on public CFHT data). Here we only provide improved or our own data products. 

Public access of SDSS-RM data is via the SDSS-RM ftp, currently hosted at:

Please read the documentations on the ftp about the released data. 

Master Sample

The master sample of tiled objects (1000 in total) is summarized in the target_fibermap.fits file. Basic target information (J2000 coordinates; redshift; target type) and the corresponding Plate-Fiber-MJD numbers of all BOSS epochs are included. See the technical overview paper for details. More detailed target properties are described in the sample characterization paper (Shen et al. 2016).

BOSS Spectroscopy

We have made custom flux calibration and post processing to the BOSS spectroscopy, as described in the technical overview paper; these spectroscopic products will be made available via the SDSS-RM data server.

Coadded spectra (2014 spectroscopy released on 12/31/2015)

Spectra of individual epochs (release date TBD)

Spectral fits (release date TBD)

Imaging Data and Light Curves

We have obtained dedicated imaging data from CFHT, Bok 2.3m and KPNO-4m (Mayall). Processed imaging frames, photometric catalogs and light curves, as well as coadded images will be made available via the SDSS-RM data server.