Undergraduate Courses

ASTR122 Stars and Galaxies

Introduction to celestial objects and phenomena beyond the solar system, and the governing basic physical principles; galaxies, quasars, and structure of the universe; dark matter and dark energy; the Big Bang and the fate of the universe; the Milky Way; the interstellar medium and the birth of stars; distances, motions, radiation, structure, evolution, and death of stars, including neutron stars and black holes. Emphasis will be placed on problem-solving and scientific methods. Two lectures and one discussion each week, and observing sessions during the term. Credit is not given for ASTR 122 if credit in either ASTR 100 or ASTR 210 has been earned. Students with credit in PHYS 211 are encouraged to take ASTR 210.


Graduate Courses

ASTR596 Seminar in Special Topics

Student presentation of seminal papers in all fields of astronomy.


Public Outreach

I have been engaging in a variety of outreach activities at UIUC. Details about the outreach programs at UIUC astronomy can be found at this link. Since 2017 I have been sponsoring an Astronomy Summer Camp for high-school girls in local area. The purpose of this program is to promote science (astronomy in particular) among young girls and encourage them to pursue a science career.